The new standard in vaccine storage safety

What was wrong with Strive For Five?

Why Strive For Five needed replacing The first edition of Strive For Five was released in 2005. It was intended to address a number of bad practices such as using bar fridges, as well as educate practitioners on better solutions such as vaccine fridges and temperature loggers. The third edition of Strive For Five was […]

Which staff do NOT need vaccine training?

VaxShield states that ALL staff must be trained in regards to the safe storage of vaccines. Why “all” staff? Traditionally the caring of the vaccines was seen as a specific person’s role. They were the one that was fully trained and they were the one that handled the vaccines from the moment they arrived. Strive […]

Why is there no mention of thermometer in VaxShield?

The ambiguity of “thermometer” At the turn of the century vaccine fridges were just emerging on the scene. At this time the common way of telling what the fridge temperature was by using a thermometer placed inside the fridge. The term “thermometer” was clear – it was literally the thermometer that was sitting on the […]

What is wrong with a “slush test” or “slurry test”?

What is an “slush test” or “slurry test”? A slush or slurry test is where a thermometer is placed in water that is almost 0°C to test its accuracy. The theory runs like this: water freezes at 0°C if you have a cup with a mix of ice and water then it must be close […]